Since the summer of 1968, the Gold and Silver Paddles (Voyageur Awards) have been given out as the highest honor that a camper may earn. The Gold Paddle is for campers 13 and older and the Silver Paddle is for campers 12 and younger.

To receive this award, a camper must obtain a high level of achievement in a variety of activity areas (including completing many of the top awards offered). This camper must also show a high level of leadership and dedication to Foley's mission and be a positive role model in the camp community. 

The Birchbark Award is given to campers who complete half of the Gold or Silver Paddle requirements. 

West Shef SmallWe would like to congratulate Shef West, who became just the 46th recipient in 47 years to earn his Silver Paddle Award!

During 4th session, the Olympic Games were going on in Rio de Janeiro. Each evening our CITs would do an update to let the campers and staff know highlights of the events that had happened that day, as well as overall medal counts. During one such update, Alli and Marie interrupted with a special announcement. There was a medalist here at camp that also needed announcing. Shef was surprised when his name was called and he was brought to the front to receive his Silver Paddle.

Awards Shef completed for his Silver Paddle: Bowman Sharpshooter (Archery), Basic Canoeing, Target Shooter #4 (Riflery), Seaman (Sailing), Shark (Swimming), Advanced Beginner (Tennis), Board Award (Windsurfing), Biner (Climbing), DNR Boat and Water Safety, Springboard (Diving) and Muskrat (Snorkeling). He also attended Floor Hockey, Crafts, Shop, and Paintball classes.   

The Gold Paddle

Since 1968, only 22 campers (13+) have successfully completed all of the requirements for the Gold Paddle! 

1968 Rob Schmid 1969 Joe Conlin 1974 Greg Moffett
1976  Peter Kronschnabel 1977 Tim Moffett 1980 Mike Lindsey
1982 Brian Walsh 1984 Ted Kronschnabel 1985 Lisa Richardson
1985 Martin Perez 1985 Mike Norman 1985 Jorge Meckelein
1987 Andrew Mullin 1989 J.J. Monge 1990 Herbie Richardson
1992 Pat O'Keefe 1992 Andy Dotson 1993 Mike Monge
1997 Alli Faricy 1999 Mike Schmid 2006 Peter Beltz
2015 Thomas M. Bryan Jr.        

The Silver Paddle

Since 1969, only 46 campers (12 and under) have successfully completed all of the requirements for the Silver Paddle!

1969 Tom Schmid 1970 Pat Conlin 1970 Bill Feeley
1970 Peter George 1971 Stuart Feeley 1972 Tim Mahoney
1973 Carl Bruce 1973 Paul Gerrard 1974 Kevin Mahoney
1974 Tim Moffett 1975 Paul Berg 1976 Mike Hurtgen
1976 Mike Lindsey 1976 Brian Snediker 1976 Gerardo Leon de la Vega
1977 Maureen Conlin 1977  Paul Meekin 1981 Courtney McCurdy
1981 Eliseo Serdan 1984 Heather Shannon 1984 Joshua Newsome
1986 Joel Benton 1987 Pat O'Keefe 1990 Aaron Propheter
1991 Tony Stone 1991 Holly Werth 1993 Alli Faricy
1993 Lauren Hartzell 1994 Mike Schmid 1994 Blake Dotson
1994 Christian Papayonpulos 1995 Steve Schmid 1995 Sarah Rhomberg
1997 Laura Schmid 1997 Molly Hagerman 1997 Erica Schmid
1999 Will Urion 2001 Peter Beltz 2004 Kylie Betlz
2004 Adrian Villarreal 2005 Kevin Beltz 2006 Adam Kay
2008 Jack Hamel 2011 Claudia Leon de la Vega 2012  Claire Hickey
2016 Shef West        
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