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All staff have been hired for summer 2018! Check out the list below to see which counselors are returning for another awesome summer at Foley and who the newcomers to the summer staff team are! 

Do you want to be a counselor next summer (2019!) at Foley? Feel free to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions or inquiries about summer work. She will start looking at staff for next summer starting in September but let us know if you wish to be notified when applications are open! If you know of anyone that would make a great camp counselor, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!

2018 Summer Staff



Maggie Hinken
Maggie is a sophomore at Creighton University in Omaha, NE. Back for her second summer as a counselor, Maggie will be teaching Waterskiing /Wakeboarding and Swimming.




Emily McGuire
Long time camper and returning counselor, Emily, joins us for her second summer as staff. The Creighton University sophomore will be splitting time in the water and on land teaching Snorkeling and Climbing.




Liv Sieff
Back for her second year on staff at Foley, Liv will be returning to the marina to work as a Marina Leader and to be a Sailing and Fishing instructor. She is in her sophomore year at George Washington University in DC.




Claudia Leon
Back for another year on staff, Clau will be down again on the water teaching Waterskiing/Wakeboarding and Snorkeling. Additionally, Clau will be our Dishwashing Coordinator working hard behind the scenes in our kitchen.




Annie Epstein
Annie will be joining the Camp Foley staff team as a first year counselor teaching Nature, Crafts and doing Janitorial. A freshman at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Annie will completing her 10th year at Foley!




Josie Johnson
 A sophomore at Colorado State University, Josie joins the team as a first year counselor after being a camper for four. She will be teaching our Photography Class and Crafts; helping to add to the creative side of camp life.




Meghan O'Connell
Meghan is a sophomore at St. Louis University and will be entering her second year on staff with Camp Foley this summer. The St. Louis native will be teaching Riflery and Paddleboarding, while also snagging photos whenever she can!




Lilly McCarty
Lilly was a camper for 10 years and now return to Foley for her first year as a counselor! She is in her freshman year at Loyola Marymount University and will be teaching Riflery and working as an Assistant Cook.




Julia Goldman
Another long time camper that is making her first year transition to staff. Julia will be spending a lot of time on the water teaching Waterskiing/Wakeboarding and Sailing. She is a freshman at the University of Portland.




Griffin Curran
A 5 year camper, Griffin joins us for his first year as a counselor. A freshman at North Central College, Griffin will be teaching Archery and Riflery this summer.




John Combs
John has been a long time camper at Foley and now enters his first summer as a counselor. John is a freshman at St. Cloud State and will be teaching Riflery and Climbing this summer.




Bill Naas
Back for another summer, Bill will again be teaching Nature and Fishing. Bill attends Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter, MN. 




Aden Opland
Aden returns for his second summer as a counselor in 2018. The University of St. Thomas junior will be a Marina Leader while also teaching Waterskiing /Wakeboarding.




Adin Heinritz
After being a camper for 6 years, Adin will be back to Camp for his first as a counselor. The University of Wisconsin-Madison freshman will be teaching Sailing and Waterskiing/Wakeboarding.




Sofie Druckrey
Sofie is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and this will be her first year as a counselor at Foley. She is slated to teach Nature and Crafts.




Alexis Peltier
Alexis is a freshman at the University of Portland and after 7 years as a camper will be returning to Foley for her first year as a counselor. Alexis will be teaching Climbing and be one of our Trip Leaders.




Emily Ries
A first time counselor, Emily comes to Foley from the University of Minnesota-Duluth. She will be splitting time on land and on water by teaching Archery and Waterskiing/Wakeboarding.




Maggie Zirnhelt
A 6 year camper, Maggie is back at Foley for her first summer as a counselor. Maggie will down at the swimdock teaching Swimming this summer as well as up in the woods helping out at Paintball.




Aidan Norman
Aidan joins the Camp Foley crew for his first summer in 2018. Originally from across the pond (Wales, United Kingdom) Aidan will be teaching Biking and Tennis this summer.




Josie Degidio
After a short hiatus from Camp, Josie is back this summer for her 3rd summer on staff. She will be one of our Trip Leaders, but when she isn't out leading trips can be found teaching Tennis.



Resines Ana maria


Ana Maria Resines Mendizabal
Hailing from San Pedro, Mexico, Ana joins us for her first summer on staff. Ana will be one of our Paintball Specialists and will also be teaching Fencing.


Daily John

John Daily
A long time camper, John is back for his second year on staff after taking summer 2017 off. John will be down at the water most days teaching Snorkeling and Fishing. John attends the University of Kentucky.


Damgaard Jens


Jens Damgaard
Another long time camper, Jens joins us for this first summer on staff at Foley. He will be helping lead our LIT/CIT program and teaching Canoeing.


Ferrero Riley


Riley Ferrero
A first time Foley-ite, Riley joins us from Colorado for his inaugural staff summer. Riley will be teaching Sailing, Waterski/Wakeboard and you might find him snagging some pictures around camp.




Kieran O'Connell
Kieran is a junior at St. Louis University and joining us for her 3rd summer on staff. This summer Kieran will be joining the office crew as our Marketing Intern, in addtion to some other roles around camp.




Lars Stannard
A long time camper, Lars is back to Foley for his first year as a counselor.  He attends Champlain College in Vermont. Lars will be teaching Guitar and Sailing.


Fernandez Fabian


Fabian Hernandez 
Joining us for his first summer on staff, Fabian hails from Colombia. He will be teaching Guitar as well as bringing his skills on the Soccer Field as a Soccer instructor.




Matt Holmes
Another native of the United Kingdom and another first year counselor, welcome Matt! He will be busy on land this summer teaching Climbing and Fencing.




Thomas Butler
Thomas hails from St. Louis, MO and is making his first trip to Foley this summer as staff. He will be spending time on land teaching Archery and Climbing.




Ally Daily
Back for her 15th, yes you read that right, 15th(!!) summer at Foley and 3rd as staff is Ally Daily. Ally joins her younger brother, John, on staff this summer and she will be teaching Archery and Fencing. 




Ryan O'Hara
Heading to Foley for his 3rd summer, but first as a counselor is Ryan O'Hara. Ryan will be one of our Trip Leaders as well as working in Shop as an instructor.




Karli Ryan
A Camp Foley Hall of Famer, Karli will be back for her 11th year at Foley and 2nd as staff. She will be in and out a bit this summer helping our nurses and maybe teaching a little Trap.




Ellie Scheid
A long time camper, Ellie will be joining us for her first summer on staff. She will be here for just 3rd Session helping out at some activities and in the cabins.




William Crowther
Building up our international staff numbers is William as he joins us from Hertfordshire, UK. William will be one of our Shop and Biking instructors.




Dylan Boyer
Dylan joins us for his first summer on staff. He hails from Buckinghamshire, UK. This summer Dylan will be teaching Paintball and Woodskills (Slingshots & Tomahawks!). 




Ben Pierce
Another first time Foley Staff member, Ben joins us from Boynton, Florida. You will find Ben teaching our Video Creativity Class this summer and helping with the session recaps. He will also be doing a bit of Janitorial work!




Mia Hill
A long time camper, Mia joins us for her 9th summer at Foley but her first on staff! She is from Minnesota but attends college in Manitoba, Canada. This summer you can find Mia down at the Marina teaching Windsurfing!  

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