Can You Keep a Secret? We Hope Not!

“Whenever I meet other Foley parents, we always end up talking about how much our kids love this camp.” -- Sheila S. (mother of three past campers)

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The Foley Alumni is a collection of awesome people that constantly reach out and ask, "How can we help?" The answer is simple, refer new families so that campers can experience the wonderful adventure that is summer camp! Our current camp families and Foley Alumni are the people that love Camp Foley and truly support our mission. Who better to refer new families?

The people you refer, are the people that spend one summer after another making lasting friendships, growing grit and investigating independence. 

It goes without saying that we appreciate your help sending new families to Foley, so we decided to revamp Club Paradise! 

The NEW Club Paradise

Step 1: Refer. Step 2: Earn.

At the end of the summer, Camp Credit, in the amount of 10% of the new referred camper's tuition, will be given to the Foley Family, Foley Alumni or Foley Staff Member that refers the new camper. Camp Credit is a choice of a check or credit for future camp tuition. Camp Credit can also be donated to the Foley Scholarship Fund. Additionally, you can contribute your Camp Credit to help sponsor less advantaged campers as a credit towards their tuition. 

But that's not all! The new referred family will also get 10% of their first summer's total tuition as Camp Credit which is applied as a credit to the following summer's tuition.

Earn your Camp Credit by referring new families today! 

Celebrate with Friends

To acknowledge our campers who have sold camp to their friends, a special Club Paradise Root Beer Float Party is held each session for the campers that refer and are referred. A Club Paradise Root Beer Float Mug is given to the referring camper. Plus, refer 5 families to Camp and receive a set of spoons to go with all those mugs! No one sells Foley better than our campers, so we like to give credit where it's due! 

Terms and Conditions

Please see the full Club Paradise Terms & Conditions for more information. If you have any questions, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us or call us at 218-543-6161. 

Can You Give Me an Example?

Check out some example scenarios below that further explain the NEW Club Paradise. 

Scenario 1

My children, Ryan and Ann, are long-time Foley Campers. We met the Johnson family on vacation, and they register all three of their children to attend a four-week session. After their sibling discount, the Johnsons spend a total of $17,600 on tuition. In late August, I receive notice that I have $1760 of Camp Credit. I choose to apply $880 toward Ryan and Ann's tuition and donate $880 to the Foley Scholarship Fund. The Johnson kids loved camp, and their parents are happy to receive notice that they have $1760 of Camp Credit to use on the following summer's tuition costs.

Scenario 3

I am a Camp Foley Alum and a mom with a five-year-old daughter, Sara. I refer my friend and she registers her son, Joe, for camp. My friend spends a total of $2300 on Joe's tuition. In September, I receive notice that I have $230 of Camp Credit, which I ask the Foley Office to save for when I register Sara for her first summer. My friend receives notice that she has $230 Camp Credit to use on the following summer's tuition costs. Unfortunately, due to a family vacation, my friend is unable to send Joe back to camp the following summer and her Camp Credit is forfeited.

Scenario 2

I am a college student and Camp Foley Alum. I referred my professor to Camp Foley, and he registered his son, Sam for camp. My professor spends a total of $1200 on Sam's tuition. In late August, I receive notice that I have $120 of Camp Credit, which I choose to receive via check. I can't believe I got a check for referring someone new to a place I love so much! Sam really enjoyed camp and can't wait to go back the following summer. My professor receives notice that he has $120 of camp credit to use on the following summer's tuition costs.

Scenario 4

My daughter, Emily, is returning to Foley for her third summer. The Carsons are a family that moved into our neighborhood and that I referred to camp. They register their son, Brian, for camp. The Carsons spend a total of $2400 on tuition. Unfortunately, Emily is unable to attend this summer. In late August, I receive notice that I have $240 of Camp Credit, which I put toward Emily's tuition costs for the next summer. The Carsons receive a notice that they have $240 of Camp Credit to use of the following summer's tuition costs, which they plan to do.

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