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Our contact information

Camp Foley
9303 Father Foley Drive
Pine River, MN 56474

Tel: (218) 543-6161
Fax: (218) 543-4269

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Meet the Directors and Year-Round Staff

Send your camper REAL mail:

Note: The kids really only feel like they get mail when they get actual letters, not emails.

[Camper's Name]
Camp Foley
9303 Father Foley Dr
Pine River, MN 56474

Send your Camper Email:

Login to your Camp Foley Account to send emails. If you are not the parent or primary contact for a camper, please contact the parent or whomever sent the child to camp for more information about how to send emails. Emails will be printed and handed out once a day at mail call.  Campers will write you back the old fashion, envelope and stamp way.

Map & Directions

**We highly suggest using GoogleMaps and NOT Mapquest. Mapquest does not always direct you to Camp Foley.**

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