We've compiled a large list of Enviro Resources for you! Here you can find information about recycling, living green, conservation and getting out and enjoying our natural world!

Children & Nature Network

The Children & Nature Network mission: "Together we can create a world where every child can play, learn and grow in nature." Read below for specific pages we like:

  • C&NN's Movement Directory: Here you can find campaigns, clubs and people in your region that support the children in nature movement. Here they also list regional, national and international organizations and programs that support their mission.
  • Natural Teachers: For teachers that are interested in "natural teaching."
  • C&NN News: Click here to get news, articles and commentary.

Podcasts - Audio

*Unless otherwise noted, all of these podcasts are kid friendly!

  • Brains On - Produced by Minnesota Public Radio, interviews, songs, interesting topics that kids will find amusing. Produced by kids.
  • The Show about Science - Hosted by a 5 year old who asks science questions of adults...comedy ensues.
  • What's the Point - Made for older kids who are in to numbers, this podcasts investigates how numbers can help solve problems.
  • The Naked Scientists - despite the name it is usually suited for kids (may want to pre-listen) and covers all sorts of topics that kids often ask about related to science and nature.

Richard Louv

Richard Louv is the author of Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder (this book "has stimulated an international conversation about the relationship between children and nature.") And The Nature Principle: Human Restoration and the End of Nature-Deficit ("which offers a new vision of the future, in which our lives are as immersed in nature as they are in technology.") He is also the founding chairman of the Children & Nature Network (see above). Links to his books and his blog below:

Mother Nature Network

The Mother Nature Network's goal is to "Improve Your World." The site wishes to provide accurate, up-to-date news and information about environmental news and social responsibility issues. Check out the Local Report on Minnesota to find out what's happening in your own backyard or look into some Family Activities!

Eat By Date

Eat By Date is exactly what it sounds like! It's a website that answers the question, "How long does food really last?" The sites focus is to help you "save money, eat healthy, and debunk the myths of expiration dates on food." The site also provides great suggestions for substitutions just in case you're mid-prep and realize you don't have a specific ingredient!

Uniquely Minnesota

According to the website, "Uniquely Minnesota tells the stories of the people, places and activities that make Minnesota distinct." See below for a few specific pages we like:

  • Activities: This page provides family-fun for every season! Whether you're looking for an activity on the land or on a lake, you'll find great ideas here.
  • Regions: Learn all about the different regions of Minnesota and what makes them unique. "From the Central Lakes to the Northwoods and Metro, the North Shore to the waving grasses on the Prarieland, the Red River Valley to Bluff Country - Minnesota's stories are as diverse as its regions."


According to the website, "Eartheasy is a family business committed to bringing you practical products and information for sustainable living. We hope to share what we've learned from 30 years of living close to the land." We like the below pages:

Consumer Affairs

 According to the website, "Consumer Affairs  is a consumer news and advocacy organization founded in 1998 by James R. Hood, a veteran Washington, D.C. journalist and public affairs executive. Our website includes consumer news, recall information and tens of thousands of pages of consumer reviews."

  • Solar Power: A guide to FAQ's, cost analysis and comparison tools for solar power options.
  • Windows and Door: a guide to FAQ's, cost analysis and comparison tools for windows and doors including efficiency ratings.
  • Plus many other consumer reports on how to purchase or use the best products.

Program Length & Cost

Get details about when the Enviro Center is open, program length options and how many students we serve a week. 

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