Students at Foley's Environmental Education Center take home with them new knowledge of their environment and themselves--valuable knowledge that can help shape their lives and complement any school program. The Center has planned activities that provide the best in environmental understanding, education and fun.


Our goal is to have kids OUTSIDE as much as possible. From the moment they wake up until past dark, they are engaged in outdoor, electronic free activities.

What Students Say

Teamwork: it took two or three people to row a canoe, 12 girls in my cabin to start a fire, two people to go geocaching. These are all examples of things you could do alone, but are easier and more fun with other people. -- Yeukai Z., 6th Grade

Last turn. As I slowly step up to the line, I feel like I’m moving in slow motion. In my head I think, 'arm back, step, bring forward, release.' Of course I miss ... I stick the next two tomahawks. Even though I am not amazing at throwing tomahawks, it was still an amazing experience. -- Finn O., 6th Grade

It was so small, but the microscope showed us so many tiny details. As I was peering through the lens, I noticed that there was not one microorganism, but four! I had been so focused on the one Cyclops that I hadn't noticed the other three creatures. I spent a long time looking through the scope at all of them. -- Grace H., 6th Grade

This rugged environment is canoeing heaven, but the adventures do not end at canoeing. The breathtaking part is the view, which compares to nothing else. Towering green trees stand in the sky, yet the premier part is on land. Beavers, raccoon, rabbits, fish, turtles, ducks, geese, and gulls habitat themselves and their families on the land. -- Jake M., 6th Grade

For myself, Camp Foley was about creating new experiences and doing things I never thought I could do. One of these proudest moments was when I climbed to the top of the climbing tower on the “harder” side. What made this so special was just the idea that in my mind I thought that maybe I could just make it halfway, but no, I was going to the top. -- Clare P., 6th Grade

Suggested Academic Classes for Each Age Group

Note: The following classes are done in either one or two-hour increments and most can be adjusted to fit any age group.

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Primary (K-4)

The K-4 program is designed to get kids out and investigate nature in small increments. Most of our K-4th graders come for one day and do four classes while they are here. Each one is changed to the specific ages of the kids and can be adapted to include Minnesota State Standards of Education.

Sample Classes:

Detective Hikes, Campfires, Live Critters, Whitefish Lake Adventure, Tracking, Bats, Rocks, Mammals, Skulls and Bones, Habitats, Senses, Animal Habitats and more!

In addition most groups do a couple "fun" things as well including: Archery, slingshots or crafts.

Middle Level & High School (5-12)

C-MiddleHigh1Three-day or five-day programs offer the best experience and allow our program to shine.

Sample Classes:

Marine Biology, Live Critters, Wildlife Viewing, Fish Survival, Solos, Blind Hike, Microorganisms, Pond Ecology, Canoeing and Pond Exploration, Sensory Training, Woodskills, Muck Adventure, Geocaching, Rock Wall Climbing, Weather, Bats, Ticks, Invasive Species and more!

Other Topics Available

Past classes that can be implemented upon request:

Raptors, Wolves, Native American Studies and Enviro Crafts.

Program Length & Cost

Get details about when the Enviro Center is open, program length options and how many students we serve a week. 

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Full Curriculum

Reading the curriculum overview helps you get an idea of what students do here. To read the detailed curriculum:

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