Are you registered for a four-week session? You must be registered for either 1st and 2nd Session or 3rd and 4th Session before you apply to be a CIT. Talk to your parents and get registered!

Be a CIT

To be eligible for the CIT program you must be going into 11th grade AND have completed two weeks of the Leadership Program AND be registered for 4 weeks.

Our CITs are role models that every camper - young and old - looks up to. CITs spend a great deal of time with our younger campers learning cabin dynamics, teaching skills and building relationships outside their age group. CITs are expected to seek out opportunities to share their talents and leadership skills with the Camp Foley community.

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What You'll Do.

CIT Classes: One activity period each sign up will be dedicated to CIT Class. This class will help you continue to develop your leadership skills and give you time to plan any programming you're responsible for while at camp. CIT classes will be taught by a Foley counselor who will act as your Leadership Mentor while you're at camp. 

CIT Responsibilities Include (but are not limited to):

  • Brother/Sister Cabin: CITs are assigned a different Fox or Coyote cabin to work with each of the two weeks they are at camp. CITs will spend some evenings with that cabin, go to Treehouses with that cabin and sit on the benches with that cabin before and after meals. 
  • Dining Hall: CITs are assigned to a Fox table and spend meals with our younger campers.
  • Activity Assist: CITs assist a counselor at an activity for one signup. Usually, CITs pick an activity they may want to teach as a counselor.
  • Opening Campfire: CITs plan and put on Second and Fourth Session's Opening Campfires.

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The CIT/Counselor Connection

Completion of the CIT program does not necessarily mean that a camper is guaranteed an invitation or acceptation to the Octo Internship or is guaranteed future employment as a counselor. That being said: Participation in the CIT program is a big step towards becoming a Foley counselor and a step that we encourage campers to take.

One Last Thing

We require that participants are willing to act responsibly and respectfully as a part of our Leadership Program. Participants must be willing to learn and get along with others.

  • A CIT is committed to doing their best to live as a role model in our camp community. 
  • Participants who fell short of following the Camp Foley Code of Living or adhering to camp policies in the past may not be eligible for the CIT program.
  • Participants who fall short of following the Camp Foley Code of Living or adhering to camp policies while acting as a CIT may be removed from the program.
  • A camper going into 11th grade who is eligible to be a CIT may be more interested in being a Returning LIT. Being a CIT is a huge commitment. It's a different type of camp expereince. CITs are required to spend a significant amount of time away from their cabin and away fom the other Wolves to develop a specific set of leadership skills. Campers looking to sharpen their general leadership skills should apply to be a Returning LIT.
  • Due to all of the unique opportunities of the CIT program, participants will only be able to commit to doing dishes six times in a two-week session.


CIT is for campers going in to 11th grade next fall AND who have completed two weeks of the Leadership Program AND are registered for 4 weeks.

  • Fill out the Online CIT Application - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any questions.
  • Someone from Foley will contact you via Facebook or email to set up a time to complete your 20 minute interview.
  • Once you have completed the interview, an email will be sent to you with additional information and a form to sign.
  • Get ready to have fun and be a Camp Foley CIT!

Packing List

Check out the Packing List & Dress Code to help pack yourself for camp! Remember to label everything, to bring all the required items and to leave some stuff at home.

Packing List

Club Paradise

Join the Club! Club Paradise is Camp Foley’s referral rewards program. Refer new families to camp to receive camp credit and to attend a Root Beer Float Party at camp.

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Need a Reference?

Whether it's a reference letter or form or just our contact information that you need, we are always willing to help! Send Alli an email with the details.

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