Updated 2/15/2019

We are so excited for next summer - and so are these campers below! Take a look and see who all is registered for Summer 2019 at Camp Foley. Registration is open so head on over to Dates & Rates to check session availablity and rates for summer 2019. And don't forget to Refer a Friend to come too next summer! Campers are listed by their last name initial and then first name. 


A  Carlos, Catalina, Marcela, Sophie, Enzo, Eva, Sofi, Brooks, Cullen, William, Benjamin, Joseph, Katherine, Caro, Ines, Pablo, Ollie, Nora

B  Andrea, Sofia, Diego, Skylar, Aidan, Libby, Sydney, Sullivan, Ryan, Nora, Beckett, Connell, Mira, Betsy, Libby, Lillian, Seleen, John, Michael, Daniel, Uma, Felix, Gavin, Justin, Wyatt, Gavin, Peter

C  Sofia, Bennett, Carson, Ella, Reis, Devin, Meredith, Ava, Anna, Charlie, Andrew, Ellie, Daniela, Mariana, Emerson, Emilio, Leopoldo, Max, Paloma, John, Joel, Morgan, Owen, Molly, Quinn, Kacey, Danny, Maddie, Lillian, Edie, Louis

D  Reese, Harry, Henry, Pablo, Magnus, Natalia, Elliot, Isabela, Will, Grant, Camille

E  Finn, Ivars, Lily, Emme, Isabella, Graham, Julia, August, Rosemary, James

F  Lorenzo, Portia, Erinn, Madeline, Noah, Olivia, Ella, Gregory, Robert, Clara, Kate, Landen, Galia, Betsy, Billy, Nick, Bebe, Aidan, Evan, Katie

 Bernardo, Espe, Fran, Sofia, Giana, Nadia, Robert, Lydia, Emily, Henry, Isabel, Mariana, Louise, Diego, Caitlin, Ryan, Travis, Basile, Rachel

H  Grace, Henry, Elena, Klara, Eloise, Oliver, Liam, Maeve, Sarah, William, Ellie, Meili, Alison, Anna, Isabella, Matthew, Sarah, Martha, Brennan, Mac, Ethan, Emma, Isabella, Alexandros, Jack, James

J  Ava, Connor, Jack, Wally, Ben, Blake, Meghan, Davis

 Lila, Oliver, Quinn, Sadie, Shyla, Jack, Mairen, William, Andrew, Jack, Ava, Michael, Elijah, Emmet, Claire, Jack, Kate, Grace, Andrew, Maeve, Meghan, Genevieve, Otto, Evan, Carter, Elizabeth, John, Izzy, Ben, Max, Josh

L  Parker, Shepard, Vivian, Kendal, Molly, Amelia, Dan, Luke, Lydia, Charlie, Livy, Axel, Channing, Addie, Payton, Vinnie, Andrew, Johnny, Miguel

M  Emily, Aria, Ava, Jack, Alex, Raleigh, Lucia, Ventura, Ben, Kate, Robby, Simon, Estella, Witt, M.A., Alison, Fernanda, Santiago, Celina, Diego, Grace, Tyler, Manu, Pablo, Santi, Yanina, Nicolas, Pablo, Annabelle, Hannah, Michael, Sally, Max, Henry, Maisie, William, Romane

N  Lucia, Murphy, Sullivan, Olive, Abbott, Kate, Lexi, Finn, Alex

O  Fynn, Brooks, Jillian, Ava, Samantha, Eleanor, Adan

P  Edouard, Debie, Ainsley, Antonia, Alice, Eddie, Louis, Daran, Sadie, Spencer, Bella, Sofi, Valeria, Reagan, Nando, Garrett, Michael

R  Adele, Carson, Walter, Nate, Sophia, Caroline, John, Faith, Andrew, Ben, Lucia, Pablo, Jack, Will, Mary Claire, Zette, Dustin, Tyler, Trevi, Marlie, Jeff

S  Gonzalo, Chase, Ian, Ben, Jack, Ethan, Keira, Sofia, Helen, Quinn, Cameron, George, Isabel, Peter, Tessa, Walker, Casey, Genevieve, Xavier, Logan, Noah, Stephen, Jackson, Pau, Tom, Liam, Emerson, Christian

T  Torch, Maggie, Cole, Charlie, Henry, Carlos, John, Luke, Maria, Tomas, Ian, Sydney, Alix, Sixtine, Loren, Cecy, Caden, Colin

U  Declan, Ian

V  Eugenio, Marcelo, Natalie, Miles

W  Eloise, Marina, Spencer, Mac, Henry, Annabelle, Mary Jane, Whitney, Corinne, Thomas, Aidan, Brady, Ethan, Alex, Zak, Ryan

Y  Jack, Kiki, Narumi

Maria, Joe, Jake, Riley, Sloane

Packing List

Check out the Packing List & Dress Code to help pack yourself for camp! Remember to label everything, to bring all the required items and to leave some stuff at home.

Packing List

Club Paradise

Join the Club! Club Paradise is Camp Foley’s referral rewards program. Refer new families to camp to receive camp credit and to attend a Root Beer Float Party at camp.

Club Paradise

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