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Staff training is underway and we are pumped to have these amazing counselors be with us this summer. Check out who will be at Foley this summer below!

Want to know more about what being a counselor at Foley is all about? Learn more here.

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2019 Summer Staff


Aguilar Randy

Randy Aguilar

Randy joins us for his first summer at Foley all the way from Massachusetts. He will be teaching Guitar, Video and some Archery. Welcome, Randy!


Boyer Dylan

Dylan Boyer

He's back! Dylan joins us for his second summer as Staff. Dylan will be back at Paintball this summer while also teaching some Shop. Welcome back, Dylan!


Bryan Thomas

Thomas Bryan Jr.

A long time camper, Thomas is back for another summer at Foley. Thomas will be teaching Sailing, Climbing and Biking. Welcome back, Thomas!


Bush Ryan

Ryan Bush

Another Staff making his first trip to Foley is Ryan. A native of South Africa, Ryan will be teaching Waterskiing and Biking. Welcome, Ryan!


Camara Victor

Victor Camara

Coming all the way from Mexico, meet Victor. He joins us for his first summer and will be teaching Windsurfing and Paintball. Welcome, Victor!


Combs John

John Combs

Joining us for his second summer as Staff, John is back teaching Riflery and Climbing. John attends St. Cloud State University. Welcome back, John!


Criollos Paola

Paola Criollos

Headed to Foley for her first summer is Paola. Hailing from Mexico, Paola will be teaching Tennis, Soccer and be a Paintball Ref. Welcome, Paola!


Curran Griffin

Griffin Curran

Griffin is back for his second summer as Staff and 7th in total. Griffin is slated to teach Riflery, Archery, Trap, and Fishing. He will also be our Across the Road Captain. Welcome back, Griffin!


Daily Ally
Ally Daily

A longtime Foley-ite, Ally will be back for her 4th summer as Staff and 16th overall. Ally will be an Activity Captain and help teach Fencing, Archery, and some Climbing. Welcome back, Ally!


Daily John


John Daily

Joining big sister Ally, John is back for another summer on Staff! John will be teaching Trap and Diving as well as being our Boy's Captain. Welcome back, John!


Dean Elisabeth

Elisabeth Dean

After a summer off, Dean is back at her favorite place for year #4 as Staff. Dean will be a Waterfront Instructor and Lifeguard and help teach Bics, Paddleboarding. She will also be the Girl's Captain this summer. Welcome back, Dean!


Eptstein Ace


Ace Epstein

Another summer on staff is on tap for Ace! She will be back teaching Crafts, Nature, and Photography as well as leading the way and helping assist as our Janitorial Staff. Welcome back, Ace!


Farrell Tom


Tom Farrell

Tom joins us for his first summer at Foley! Tom will be one of our Trip Leaders and also help teach Climbing. Welcome, Tom!


Harrington Joe


Joe Harrington

Summer #5 is in store for Joe! Joe is gradutaing from Creighton University this Spring and will be back at Foley for another summer teaching Waterskiing and being our Marina Captain. Welcome back, Joe!


Hinken Maggie


Maggie Hinken

Maggie is back for her 3rd consecutive year on Staff. Maggie will again be back at the waterfront as a Marina Leader, Swimdock Leader while also teaching Waterskiing and Sailing Bics. She will also help with our Octo program. Welcome back, Maggie!


Howes Cole


Cole Howes

Cole will be spending his first summer at Foley as Staff after being a camper for 7. Cole will be a Paintball Ref and Waterski Driver/Instructor. Welcome, back Cole!


Johnson Josie

Josie Johnson

Back for summer #2 as Staff, Josie is set to go teach Crafts again and help out leading our LIT/CIT program. Josie attends Colorado State University. Welcome back, Josie!


Johnson Penn

Penn Johnson

Penn will be making his first trip to Foley this summer. He is slated to teach Waterskiing, Tennis and be a Paintball Ref. Welcome, Penn!


Ketchem Jordan

Jordan Ketchem

Heading to Foley for her first summer is Jordan. She will be one of our Girl Trip Leaders and also help teach some Shop. Welcome, Jordan!


Kronsch Nick

Nick Kronschnabel

Nick joins the Foley Staff for his first full summer after being a longtime camper and OCTO. Nick attends the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and this summer he will be teaching Archery and Riflery. Welcome back, Nick!


Leon de la Vega Clau


Claudia Leon de la Vega

Claudia is joining us for another summer as Staff. She will be back at Riflery, Waterskiing, and Snorkeling as well as helping Billy with Marketing, Photo and Video. Welcome back, Clau!


McCarrick Kathryn

Kathryn McCarrick

Another first time Foley Staffer is Kathryn. Originally from Roseville, MN, Kathryn attends The College of St. Scholastica in Duluth, MN. This summer Kathryn will be teaching Fishing and Archery. Welcome, Kathryn!


McCrackin Jon


Jon McCrackin

A former camper, Jon joins us for this first summer on Staff. Jon will be teaching Fencing, Tennis and Sailing - 420s. Welcome back, Jon!


McGrann Mollie


Mollie McGrann

Another longtime camper, Mollie is ready for her first summer as Staff. Mollie is slated to be spending her time at the Marina teach Waterskiing and Sailing - Bics. Welcome back, Mollie!


McGuire Em


Emily McGuire

Emily is back for her 3rd year as Staff and amazing 13th year in total! This Foley Faithful will be teaching Windsurfing, Swimming and is our Swimdock Captain. Welcome back, Emily!


Medina Julian


Julian Medina

Joining us for his first summer at Foley is Julian. He will be teaching Biking, Crafts and also spend time as a Paintball Ref. Welcome, Julian!


Newman Elliott


Elliott Newman

After a year hiatus, Elliott is back for his 2nd summer on staff! This summer Elliott will be helping Billy as our Marketing Intern as well as maybe teaching some Shop classes. Welcome back, Elliott!


OHara Ryan


Ryan O'Hara

Ryan is back for Year 2 on Staff. This former tripper will be switching it up this summer and spend his time teaching Climbing, Nature and Riflery. Welcome back, Ryan!


Raftopoulos Charissa

Charissa Raftopoulos

Coming for her first summer, meet Charissa. She will be one of our Girl Trip Leaders as well as helping teach Canoe and Outdoor Cooking. Welcome, Charissa!


Reiling Kelly

Kelly Reiling

Another Foley Faithful, Kelly has been a camper for 6 years, Octo and now joins us for her first summer as Staff. Kelly will be teaching Waterskiing, Sailing, as well as being our Paintball Ref. Welcome back, Kelly!


Resines Ana

Ana Resines

Your favorite Paintball Specialist is back! Ana will be taking on year #2 as Foley Staff. In addition to Paintball, Ana will also be teaching some Paddleboarding. Welcome back, Ana!


Ryan Emma

Emma Ryan

Another Foley Faithful, meet Emma. She joins us for her first summer as Staff and will be teaching Crafts, Climbing and Trap. Welcome back, Emma!


Steele Michael

Michael Steele

Joining us for his first summer at Foley is Michael. Originally from Illinois, Michael will be teaching Archery, Riflery, Climbing and possibly lead some Trips. Welcome, Michael!


Van Buuren Jade

Jade Van Buuren

Jade is making her first trip to Foley this summer. Jade is from South Africa and will be teaching Snorkeling, Water Games and Swimming. Welcome, Jade!


Weigel Sam

Sam Weigel

Sam will be spending her first summer at Foley as a Staff member this year. A native of Bemidji, MN, she will be busy teaching Nature, Canoeing, and Fishing. Welcome, Sam!


Wendlandt Talia

Talia Wendlandt

This will be Talia's first summer at Foley as a Staff member. Originally from St. Paul, MN, she will be teaching Photography, Video Creativity, and Crafts. Welcome, Talia!


Willoughby Ethan

Ethan Willoughby

Ethan joins us for his first summer at Foley as a Staff member. He will be one of our Male Trip Leaders while also teaching some Shop and Canoeing. Welcome, Ethan!


Camper Coordinators

Foley employs at least one Camper Coordinator (CC) for each session during camp. These CC's are hired to specifically help campers that might require extra care, whether that is dietary needs, help at activities, making friends and more. All of our CC's have extensive work with children and a history of working at Foley. See who will be joining us as a CC this summer!

Costas Taylor

Taylor Costas

Taylor currently works as a teacher at School of the Future in New York, NY. Taylor was a camper for 6 years and then has worked for going on 8 years at Foley, filling roles from Counselor to Assistant Director to now one of our Camper Coordinators. Taylor will be joining us for 4th Session.


Delaney Jenny

Jenny Delaney

A staple around Foley the past 14 years, Jenny has worked as a Counselor and Year Round Assistnat Director and has joined us the past 2 summers as a Camper Coordinator. Jenny is the Special Projects and HHM Coordinator for the Minneapolis Public Schools and we are grateful for her expertise. Jenny will be helping out during 2nd Session.


Foster Beth

Beth Foster

A Camper (Beth Berger) turned Counselor turned Assistant Director turned Camp Parent and NOW turned Camper Coordinator, meet Beth! She comes with a wealth of experience working with kids and most recently serves as a reserve teacher for the Minnetonka School Disctrict (MN). Beth will be joining her daughters, Clara and Kate, for 3rd Session.


Mogard Kate

Kate Mogard

Kate's first summer at Foley was as a Counselor in 2001 and has since spent 16 summers working at Foley with the most recent as one of our Camper Coordinator. Kate and Mike live in Brookings, SD where Kate works as a teacher in the Brookins School Distric. The Mogard Family will be joining us for 1st Session as their kids, Maisie and Henry, will be campers.


Mogard Mike

Mike Mogard

Mike's first summer at Foley was as a Counselor in 2002. Mike and Kate have been making the annual summer trip to Foley since and have been Camper Coordinators for the past 2 summers. Mike and Kate live in Brookings, SD where Mike is currenlty the Associate Director of Children's Museum of South Dakota. The Mogard Family will be joining us for 1st Session as their kids, Maisie and Henry, will be campers.


Ruhland Alyssa

Alyssa Ruhland

It's been over 10 years since Alyssa was a Camper at Foley, but we are excited to have Alyssa join us for 2nd Session as one of our Camper Coordinators! Alyssa is in the Doctorate Program for Clinical Psychology at the Illinois School of Professional Psychology where she is also wokring as an Advanced Therapeutic Extern. We are excited for Alyssa to be a part of the team this summer.


Packing List

Check out the Packing List & Dress Code to help pack yourself for camp! Remember to label everything, to bring all the required items and to leave some stuff at home.

Packing List

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