May 18, 2020 Update - Camp Foley will not open for the summer of 2020.

We stood looking out across Foley Green gazing at the sparkling waters of Whitefish Lake in the distance.  The lake was white capping; however, the waves were moving carelessly away from our shores.  Tears were rolling down our cheeks with the thoughts that there will be no campers laughing and playing at Foley in 2020.  For 95 years Foley has been a place of solace – a happy place.  A place where kids learn about themselves.  A place where kids practice independence.  A special place of connection, of love.  A place that allows kids to run and play and be free.  A place that has a long history of positively influencing the lives of the young people that spend time here.  Ultimately, we have found it impossible to see a path forward this summer to provide that same sanctuary for kids.  For this reason, we have decided to not open camp for the summer of 2020.  

At this point, we don’t feel that we are far enough along in the process of understanding the global health concerns to have a true grasp on how to protect kids while still making them FEEL safe and have the CAMP experience that we promise on our website, in our brochure and through stories passed down from Alumni. 

Although we are overcome with sadness for the loss of Summer 2020, we believe in our hearts that we will return stronger in 2021.  We will once again be able to provide a sanctuary for our young people and to be part of the healing process for campers, staff and their families.  We will be able to open our doors and our hearts and our arms to campers from all over the world.  We are proud to have such a strong Foley Family and hope you lean on us and allow us to lean on you. With love ~ Marie & Alli

More details can be found in the Final COVID FAQs. We welcome you to read the Letter to our 2020 Campers.

Please continue to check our What's Going on at Foley page for updates on how we plan to stay connected this summer.

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