Tuition Payment Due Dates

   Deposit*  3/1 Payment   5/1 Payment
1-Week $300 ½ of remaining balance Remaining balance
2-Week $500 ½ of remaining balance Remaining balance
3-Week $750 ½ of remaining balance Remaining balance
4-Week $1000 ½ of remaining balance Remaining balance

All account balances should be paid in full on May 1st.  Payment plans are also an option. You can pay the full balance or any amount over the minimum at any time prior to that.  At time of registration or by calling the office, you can choose your payment plan and means of payment by credit card or check.

Cancellation or Withdrawals

    Before 3/1    3/1-5/1   5/1 to 30 Days Prior Within 30 Days
1-Week  $50 fee $200 fee $300 fee Forfeit full tuition 
2-Week $100 fee $400 fee $600 fee Forfeit full tuition 
3-Week $150 fee $600 fee $900 fee Forfeit full tuition
4-Week $200 fee $800 fee $1200 fee Forfeit full tuition 

No adjustment in tuition is made for late arrival, early departure or dismissal. If you are dropping down from a four-week to a two-week session you will be subject to a two-week cancellation. There is no fee for changing from one session to another.

COVID-19 Update: With the next payment for camp not due until 5/1, as of right now our regular cancellation policy is in effect. We are evaluating how cancellation fees will work in lue of COVID-19 and will have a plan in place by 4/30 so we can get that out to families BEFORE their next payment is due. We are hoping you will be patient with us as we try to figure out the best way to go forward in this unprecedented time in global history. We want to have the most up to date information and try to make things fair for all our families. Thanks for being part of the Foley Family and we wish you health ~ Marie, Alli & Mary

**NOTE: You can log into your “CampInTouch” account and check your balance at any time!

Additional Expenses:

You can log into your “CampInTouch” account and check your balance at any time!

Canteen (Camp Store) Account:  Campers have the option of purchasing clothing, forgotten items, and other camp items while at camp.  The afternoon snack of a candy bar, ice cream or health snack is part of the tuition and not charged to this account. We recommend $100 for a 2 week stay and parents need to fund this by going to CampInTouch, to “View Canteen Account” to deposit money, view what your camper has purchased, and view items available. Additional funds can be added to this account while your camper is at camp. Campers can minimally overdraw from their accounts as we would not want to deny them purchasing a replacement for their lost water bottle

*Any unspent funds are refunded with the final camp invoice in September; any overages will be billed at that time.  Please fund this account 2 weeks prior to the start of camp.

Bus Travel: The cost of the bus each way is $45.00 including lunch or a snack.  Bus fees will be charged to your credit card on file upon completion of the Travel Form.  See Travel for more details.  

Rental:  International campers (or forgetful domestic campers) have the option of renting linens, blankets, pillows, sleeping bags and lifejackets for minimal fees.  The fee for everything is $60.00. Appropriate rental fees will be charged to your credit card on file.

Optional  Programs and Expenses:  There are opportunities that are known or unknown where our campers with parental permission can participate such as a 5K running race or Flyboarding or where additional expenses occur such as a charge for prescription medications or baggage and UM fees paid on behalf of your camper.  The actual fee is charged to your credit card on file.   



Login to your Camp Foley account to fill out the Travel and Health Forms. If your child has specific medical needs please check here for additional forms. Email or call (218) 543-6161 if you have questions. 

Camp Foley will reach out to you via email if you have not yet completed a necessary form. 

Parent Guide

The Parent Guide is the #1 resource for new and returning Foley Families.

It can answer your questions regarding Communication and Health & Safety. It also provides you information on Cabin Placement, the Camp Store, Homesickness, Community Living, Visiting Camp, etc. 


Submit a payment or fill out the Camper Health Form and Travel Form. Click Here for all other health-related forms.

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