Camp Foley campers that are high school aged can participate in our leadership program. The leadership program is broken into three sections (LIT 1, Returning LITs, Activity Apprentice & CIT), and each section meets during an activity period to develop the skills of effective leadership. Anyone in the leadership program is required to act responsibly and respectfully within their group and at camp. These campers do their best to follow Camp Foley's Core Values, Code of Living and other policies.

Leader in Training (LIT)

As an LIT, campers use group games, role playing and initiatives and discussions to build leadership skills like teamwork, responsibility, respect, motivation, listening, problem solving, planning, initiative, creativity, persistence, presenting and observation.


A camper's first summer in the LIT program is spent as an LIT 1. As an LIT 1, campers learn about leading their peers, large group control, speaking in front of large and small groups, and creative planning and presenting as a small group. 

Returning LIT

A camper's second summer in the LIT program is spent as a Returning LIT.  As an LIT 2, campers build upon LIT 1 skills, work on solo or partner planning and presenting, and spend some time working with younger campers. 

Completion of the LIT program does not necessarily mean that a camper is guaranteed an invitation or acceptation into the CIT program.

Counselor in Training (CIT)

CITs are taught to lead a specific group of people - children. In this program, campers continue to build upon the skills learned as an LIT; however, this program is for campers that are committed to learning how to work with younger campers.


Campers that are entering 11th grade and have completed two weeks of the LIT program may apply to be a Camp Foley CIT. Our CITs are role models that every camper - young and old - looks up to. CITs spend a great deal of time with our younger campers learning cabin dynamics, teaching skills and building relationships outside their age group. Added responsibilities of Foley CITs include: 

  • Sister/Brother Cabin: CITs are assigned a different Fox or Coyote cabin to work with each of the two weeks they are at camp. CITs will spend some evenings with that cabin, go to Treehouses with that cabin and sit on the benches with that cabin before and after meals. 
  • Dining Hall: CITs are assigned to a Fox table and spend meals with our younger campers.
  • Activity Apprentice: CITs assist a counselor at an activity for one signup. Usually, CITs pick an activity they may want to teach as a counselor.

Activity Apprentice

Campers that are entering 11th grade, may apply to be an Activity Apprentice (no additional cost).Activity Apprentice have class with the CITs and focus their leadership efforts on learning to teach a couple of activities to better set themselves up to be strong counselors.  

Completion of the CIT/Activity Apprentice program does not necessarily mean that a camper is guaranteed an invitation or acceptation to the Octo Internship or is guaranteed future employment as a counselor. 

Other Leadership Opportunities


Campers that are 14 to 16 years old can work as a Dishwasher in Camp Foley's Dining Hall for a discount in tuition ($20/time). Dishwashers learn strong work ethic and how to work well with a partner. Dishes are done 9 or 15 times/3 week session. Apply to be a Dishwasher.

There are limitations to the number of times LITs and CITs may dish wash throughout a session due to their added responsibilities with the leadership program.


The Octo Internship is by invite only. Alumni that are entering 12th grade return to camp for three weeks (free of charge and free of compensation) to work five to six hours/day in the kitchen, live with our younger campers, help at activities and assist where needed for the betterment of camp. Octos enjoy some of the privileges of being a counselor, but also attend some activities as campers. 

Completion of the Octo Internship does not necessarily guarantee future employment as a counselor. 


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