Sometimes campers have their best camp memories on wilderness trips. There is something about experiencing nature by sleeping in a tent, hiking through the woods or paddling down a river with friends. Campers that are 11 years of age and older have the opportunity to go on a three-day Biking, Canoeing, Outpost/Hiking or Backpacking Trip while at camp. When campers sign up for a trip, they learn how to pack out for the trip by picking meals and packing all of the necessary tripping gear. On trips campers set up their campsite, cook meals over a fire, eat lunch in scenic settings and see a variety of wildlife such as beavers, bald eagles, deer, loons and raccoons. 

Past 3-Day Trips

  • Biking in Itasca or Savannah State Park
  • Canoeing down the St. Louis, Pine or Crow Wing River or at Kathio State Park or Schoolcraft State Park
  • Backpacking or Outpost/Hiking Trips in State Parks around Minnesota 
  • Backpacking the Superior Hiking Trail (this trip isn't offered every year and requires pre-registration)

Past Day Trips

  • Canoeing to Tipi Island (Camp-owned Island)
  • Canoeing to Big Island
  • Biking the Paul Bunyan Trail
  • Hiking the Camp Foley trails 


Every camper goes on an overnight with their cabin to Camp Foley's in-camp treehouses. Campers cook dinner and a special treat over the fire, play games and spend the night in a treehouse with their counselors and cabinmates. It's an excellent way to experience the outdoors for the first time or the hundredth! 


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Parent Guide

The Parent Guide is the #1 resource for new and returning Foley Families.

We recommend learning about Foley through our Prospective Families section. The Parent Guide is useful if you are looking for more specific information regarding things like: CommunicationHealth & SafetyCabin Placement, the Camp Store, Homesickness, Community Living, Visiting Camp, etc.

If you can't find the information you're looking for online just contact the Camp Foley Office by email or call (218) 543-6161. 

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