Health Care

A Registered Nurse lives on site and provides general medical care and distribution of camper medications. Our camp nurse reviews the medical needs of the campers prior to their arrival and conducts a general screening of campers on arrival day. Camp is 15 minutes from local clinics and about 45 minutes from a hospital. We contact parents when their camper is in the Health Center for a period of six hours, overnight or seen by a physician. In an emergency, we do our best to keep parents posted from the clinic or hospital and attempt to arrange for the physician to speak with parents directly.

Learn about health forms, medication and the first day health screening in the Health & Safety section of the Parent Guide.

Northern Minnesota isn’t known for its overly hot summer weather, but we make sure that campers drink plenty of liquids to stay hydrated through the day. 


Campers eat three, balanced meals each day. Our meals are served family style to tables of eight (one-two counselors, six-seven campers). We serve a specific meal for breakfast, lunch and dinner but often offer options such as fruit, hot cereal and leftovers at the counter and a salad bar. We try to spend a few meals outside each week.

Learn about special dietary needs and food allergies in the Health & Safety section of the Parent Guide.


Safety is a big concern for most parents when sending a child to summer camp. As an ACA Accredited Camp, we make sure that safety is taken very seriously at Foley. Counselors at the waterfront are lifeguard certified. All campers wear lifejackets when on any type of watercraft. On land, campers wear proper safety gear such as helmets, eye protection, harnesses and closed-toe shoes at necessary activities. 70% of Foley counselors are certified in CPR and First Aid.


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Parent Guide

The Parent Guide is the #1 resource for new and returning Foley Families.

We recommend learning about Foley through our Prospective Families section. The Parent Guide is useful if you are looking for more specific information regarding things like: CommunicationHealth & SafetyCabin Placement, the Camp Store, Homesickness, Community Living, Visiting Camp, etc.

If you can't find the information you're looking for online just contact the Camp Foley Office by email or call (218) 543-6161. 

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