Camp Foley is a family owned and operated summer camp that has entered its 9th decade. On a daily basis your kids will have interaction (maybe share a meal, make homemade icecream or play a game) with Marie, our owner/executive director and her daughter Alli (most likely at the lake or star watching at night), who is a 3rd generation summer camp director. That hands on supervision of both the campers and seasonal staff set Camp Foley aside. We really are involved in every aspect of the summer camp experience.

Meet Marie, Alli and their year round team!

Marie Headshot 17Marie Schmid, Owner/Executive Director

Favorite Activity: Backpacking

Favorite Camp Meal: Pizza

Favorite Camp Song: Donna Donna

Why I Work at Camp Foley: Camp is magical! I feel so fortunate to be able to use my creativity and energy as a youth advocate to provide a camp experience that makes a difference in the life of a child! Each summer camp day, I am surrounded by enthusiastic, adventuresome and talented campers. I am greeted by smiles and laughter in the morning, and when the stars shine over camp, I feel gratitude for the campers and all of their experiences of the day. I work at camp because of the campers! I want each camper to leave having an ultimate Foley experience.     

Marie is a second generation camp director and has been the Director at Foley since 1985 – taking over after her Father and Mother passed away. Marie graduated from St. Kate's in St. Paul, MN with a degree in Elementary Education. After teaching for a few years and starting a family, she began working fulltime at Foley. Growing up as a camp kid, Marie has served as a Program Director, Marina Director and Assistant Director. Marie has four children, all of whom have worked (or still do work) at Camp Foley. 

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Alli Faricy, Director

Favorite Activity: Waterskiing

Favorite Camp Meal: Pancakes

Favorite Camp Song: My Momma Don't Wear No Socks

Why I Work at Camp Foley: When I think back to my time as a kid growing up, the best moments were spent outside, in nature, enjoying friendships and new experiences. Foley is a place that allows kids to find their own way through life while still maintaining supportive relationships with young adults that care about kids and want them to succeed. I have now had the opportunity to work with counselors that I saw grow up as campers and are now on staff. These dedicated young adults find it just as important as I do to pass on  to other kids the life skills they learned at camp. Our world needs more villages to raise our kids and Foley offers me a place to provide that extra care to kids that can only help them as they start their independent life. 

Alli has been on the Foley staff since 1999 when she started as a counselor teaching Sailing, Windsurfing and Waterskiing and has since worked as a Marina Director, CIT Coordinator, Program Director and Assistant Director. Alli has been a Director at Camp Foley since 2008. As a third generation camp director, Alli has learned the ropes of camp operation through living and working year-round at camp. Alli graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington in 2004 with a degree in Marine Biology before moving back to Minnesota to begin working fulltime at Foley.

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Meet the Year-Round Staff

Mary Stevens, Office Administrator/Registrar

Why I Work at Camp Foley: As a mother, I initially was looking for a job that would offer me flexibility – so I could attend my children’s sporting events, or stay home with them if they were ill.  My kids, who are now grown, attended Camp Foley for several years. Watching the changes in them after they returned home from camp made me realize that camp isn’t just about having fun – it’s so much more. Being part of the Foley team that  helps make camp possible for so many amazing kids is fulfilling and rewarding. I came to Foley looking for a flexible job, and found a family – my “Foley family”.

Mary has been the Office Administrator at Foley since the summer of 2000.  She is the one to call if you have any questions about registration, forms, billing or any other question about your child's stay at Camp Foley. Mary has lived in the local area since 1994 and her two children both went to Foley, so she understands what it's like to have a child at camp. Prior to living near camp, Mary lived and worked in the Twin Cities area. Mary keeps the Camp Foley Office running smoothly all year!

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Billy HeadshotBilly Weiss, Marketing/Social Media & Activities Assistant Director

Favorite Activity: Wakeboarding

Favorite Camp Meal: Tater-tot Hot Dish

Favorite Camp Song: Wisconsin Milk (The Milk Song)

 Why I Work at Camp Foley: I have a passion for people and I love being outside and active. Camp Foley is a place where these two motivators come together perfectly. The ability to work with kids and young adults teaching them life skills and lessons, and doing so in the natural environment of the North Woods of Minnesota, is a special opportunity. Working at Camp Foley is a very rewarding and edifying job too. You get to witness firsthand the growth of kids in an encouraging community while you yourself are pushed to grow in character and leadership. I’ll take that any day. (Plus living on a lake makes every day a great day!)

Billy was a camp counselor at Foley from 2010-2011 where he worked as a marina leader, waterski/wakeboard instructor, and mountain biking instructor. Billy graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in May of 2013, and after spending 3 years living and working in North Dakota he is back at Camp Foley pumped for the opportunity to work full-time again at one of his favorite places!

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Jordan Headshot  Jordan Anderson, Boy's Assistant Director

  Favorite Activity: Archery and Diving

  Favorite Camp Meal: Tater-tot Hot Dish

  Favorite Camp Song: Rattlin Bog

Why I Work at Camp Foley: I have a strong passion for our natural world and love nothing more than providing youth with the opportunity to fall as in love with nature as I have. The pure joy displayed on countless campers’ faces as they participate in any and every activity reminds me just how incredible life really is. I could not imagine a summer without campers running up from the Marina sharing all about how they only have to slalom before they receive their closet junkie. The goals these youth set for themselves and strive to achieve are incredible and everyday I am inspired by all they can accomplish. It’s a great life.

Jordan was a counselor at Foley from 2012-2014 where he taught watersking/wakeboarding, nature, fishing, and tripping. He also worked our environmental education program and then joined our admin team as an Assistant Director in 2015. Jordan graduated from the University of North Dakota in the spring of 2016 and is excited to step whole-heartedly in to his role as a full time Assistant Director.

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Treff Headshot  Treff Brock, Girl's Assistant Director

  Favorite Activity: Waterskiing/Wakesurfing

  Favorite Camp Meal: Breakfast Tater-tot Hot Dish

  Favorite Camp Song: Pizza Man

 Why I Work at Camp Foley: I love all areas of recreation and getting to know people, and Camp Foley incorporates everything from nature to youth development, to activities to adventure programming! It draws in kids and staff from all over the world to create a diverse environment unlike any other. What I love most about camp is that you really get to learn so much more about people when you’re living in such close proximity while everyone is growing together. On top of that – how lucky are we to live in one of the most beautiful places?

Treff grew up in Richmond, VA before attending Ole Miss to get a degree in Recreation Administration. She worked seasonally in many avenues of recreation including Outdoor Education, City Parks and Recreation, Campus Recreation, Summer Camps, Resorts, and Fitness. She’s excited to be working in a year-round position dedicated to youth development!

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Mike head shotMike Lillo, The Maintenance Guy

Favorite Job at Camp:  Driving the bobcat or the brand new snow plow.

Favorite Camp Meal: Chicken Tenders and Cornbread

Why I work at Camp Foley: I enjoy the work. One of my favorite memories growing up was going to summer camp, I never wanted to leave!  Now I work at one!  Sometimes its hard for me to go home, this place makes you feel young again!

Before joining our team, Mike dabbled in pretty much everything that is needed at camp including plumbing, electrical work, and carpentry. He is the keeper of the grounds (plowing in the winter, mowing in the summer), helps fix all of the random things around camp and still finds time to help staff with projects. Mike is originally from Fosston, MN but now lives with his wife, Karly, and two daughters, Addison and Payton, in Brainerd, MN (near camp). Mike started at Camp Foley in April of 2014 and has been just the guy we needed to help keep our grounds looking nice and camp operational. Mike has associate degrees in Sales, Marketing, Management, Plumbing and HVAC from Northwest Techincal College in Bemidji, MN.

Letter from Marie

Dear Parent,

Welcome to what we hope will become a partnership between your family and Camp Foley. We want to partner with you in building important values and skills in your child within our positive, well-supervised environment. We want to help you prepare your child to handle the many challenges of adulthood starting with some independence and community living while under the direction of caring adults who are eager to guide and interact with your child. We want to become advocates for your child.

As a parent of four children and over 35 years of listening to our Foley parents, I truly understand many of your concerns and aspirations for your child. I understand the ever changing world of our youth. I understand the financial investment that you will be making for this camping experience. However, I want to reassure you that the returns of growth, friendship and memories are insurmountable.

We truly want Camp Foley to be a part of your child's summer and your child's life. Let us be your partner in your child's life!

Yours in camp,


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