How do campers GROW at Foley?

Character. Skills. Confidence.

Mission Driven

Campers and (and their families) benefit from our mission, which drives our programming and policy decisions and sets our expectations for campers and counselors.

The mission of Camp Foley is to partner with parents to develop confident, responsible and respectful youth who gain skills and have fun through a quality camp experience in a youth-centered community

What does a quality camp experience mean for the growth of our campers? It means providing our campers with a safe and natural environment to develop skills, build supportive relationships, have meaningful involvement and increase character.

Developing Life Skills

At Foley, campers are challenged by diversified programming, have the opportunity to be leaders, make meaningful connections with their peers and counselors, practice making their own choices, and voice their opinions thoughtfully and respectfully. All these things take place in an emotionally and physically safe environment. We can't stress this enough: We run a camp that not only focuses on skill development at the activities but on the development of life skills as well.

Increasing Character

Our camp is character-driven. We take pride in all of the activity skills, leadership skills, independence and friendships our campers gain at camp, but what we take the most pride in is the character they build. Our camp emphasizes the development of specific character traits we strive to instill in our campers and counselors: Caring, Citizenship, Fairness, Respect, Responsibility and Trustworthiness.

Living the Code

Everyone in the Foley community is expected to abide by our Code of Living, which encourages each of us to be the best possible person! We put our six characteristic traits into action everyday in how we treat others in our cabins and at our activities.  

“Our kids think Foley is all about fun, but we know it’s also about those sneaky big life lessons they’re learning without realizing it.” -- Tracy M. (mother of three campers)


Campers and counselors slow down to sing grace before our meals and listen to readings reflecting beliefs of all people. Campers read motivational quotes and stories of heroes in the cabin and share their thoughts and ideas with cabinmates. Watching the sunset over the lake or looking up at the stars creates a personal moment for thought and reflection. Weekly, our camp community attends either the Catholic Mass in our camp chapel or a nondenominational service.

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