How do campers build INDEPENDENCE at Foley?

Parents. Campers. Communication. Choice.

Starting with Parents

Independence starts with parents entrusting their child into Camp Foley's careThe success of a camper is directly related to the trust a parent has in usTrust is built through a strong partnership and open communication before, during and after camp. Sending a child to camp can create a lot of anxiety for any parent. We know parents want their children to practice independence. We know parents want their children to grow into successful people who have positive experiences away from home. 

Marie and Alli, our Directors, spend every day interacting with the campers and staff. If there is an issue with a camper they will know about it and the information is relayed to the parents of that camper. A parent can, and should, always call with any concerns about their child's adjustment to camp, but be assured that we will call if necessary. Mary, our Office Administrator, is most likely to answer the phone and since 2000, she been patiently answering questions from first time parents.

“I continue to be impressed by everyone at Camp Foley. They are polite, highly trained, responsive and organized.” -- Tanja F. (mother of a camper)

Continuing with Campers

Independence starts before camp with packing and preparing for camp. At camp, campers gain independence through cabin living. With the support of our counselors, no cellphones or internet and one common goal, cabinmates work both independently and as a team to create and maintain a comfortable living space. 

Campers also gain independence with activity choice. Campers choose their own schedule of five or six activities (depending on age). Campers are encouraged to independently choose the activities that challenge and excite them. Campers do the same activities for a three-day signup. At the end of three days, campers choose activities to do for a new three-day signup. For their new signup, campers can continue with the same activities to increase their skills or try something new to expand their horizons. It's a camper's choice!

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Making Friends

Some campers worry about coming to camp without a friend, but what a fabulous gift of independence for a parent to give their child. Coming to camp and learning to make friends away from home is a huge step in celebrating new-found independence. 

Foley counselors understand the importance of making friends and indiscreetly set the stage for success. On the bus, they pair campers with their peers. After arriving, counselors meet and greet campers and walk to the cabins where bunks are strategically assigned to foster friendships. Camp Foley is full of elements that help campers make friends feel a sense of belonging. Campers can independently choose what to do during their free time, where to sit in the Dining Hall and what activities to take. These elements along with cabin living are how independent campers make lifelong friends!

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