How do campers INVESTIGATE at Foley?

Engagement. Curiosity. Tradition. Research.

Keeping Campers Engaged

A key for keeping kids engaged, and wanting to investigate their potential, are Camp Foley's counselors! Our counselors spark curiosity and are challenging yet supportive, which keeps campers fully motivated and involved in every aspect of camp. Through their training, Foley counselors become equipped to live and interact with our campers. Counselors are immersed in all aspects of camp to ensure that every camper is included and having the best possible experience. 

“As a parent, it’s priceless to know that your kids are being entrusted into the hands of the responsible, confident, caring, energetic and positive role models that are your counselors.”  -- Tracy M. (mother of three campers)

Counselors provide endless hours of instruction at the activities where camper's have the opportunity to investigate new horizons at Foley. Campers can choose from over 30 activities, go on a wilderness trip, or simply walking through the woods with a flashlight. We are all driven by curiosity. Curiosity spurs us to investigate. And this investigation develops us into the people we are! A little curiosity at camp goes a long way. 


Setting Goals

At Camp Foley we recognize the importance of setting and attaining goals. Our counselors challenge campers to set and work toward achieving both activity and character goals. Goals inspire campers to investigate new passions, strengthen specific character traits or perfect a current skill. We encourage parents to discuss goals with their camper before camp!

Our Tradition & Our Future

In 1924, our founder, Fr. John P. Foley, would celebrate each camper’s journey of investigation by starting Foley traditions that vary from our Award’s Campfire to an early morning swim. Some of our third generation campers have the opportunity to investigate the aspects of camp that their parents and grandparents loved while discovering their own passions as well. 

For over 95 years, continuity and experience has reassured parents that their children were in good hands. Bob Schmid was a camper under Father Foley and later became the director in the 1940’s. He and his wife, Vi Schmid, directed the camp into the 70s when their daughter, Marie Schmid, took over. Alli Faricy, Marie's daughter, now works alongside Marie as a co-director. 

The Schmid Family has held continued of leadership at Camp Foley for over 75 years. That means 75 years of investigating and creating a kid-culture committed to positive youth development and innovative programming that meets the needs of our campers and their families. By participating in research and acting on the feedback received from our campers and parents, we continue to be committed to creating a magical camp experience.

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